2013 – In 2012 my friend Larry Rhodes and I drove my 31 Buick on Andy Brizio’s cruise to Indy.  Once there, after looking at cars for a couple of hours I got bored and wondered over to the autocross racing area and watched a bunch of guys having a ball charging around a course set up in a big parking lot in their Mustangs and Camaros. I had done a lot of autocrossing back in the 60s in my little red Porsche shown below.  I decided then and there I would build an autocross car that was fast enough to level the playing field against the 30 somethings in their Mustangs.  The result is Subie, a Subaru WRX STI powered 1927 Track T Ford Roadster.  It turned out to be so fast that Goodguys rewrote the rules for 2014 precluding all wheel drive and foreign engines, basically outlawing my car.
Grandson Kenny heading for the starting line for his first autocross race.
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