1933 Ford pickup with supercharged 2.0 Chevy Ecotec engine mounted behind the cab. Up front, the firewall is moved 18″ forward to accommodate a tall driver while leaving room under the hood for the gas tank and battery. What looks like a V8 motor under the hood is just an image – a Chevy on the left and a Ford flat head on the right.
I’m using Corvette C5 front suspension and rack and pinion steering.

Showing transverse mounted 2.0 L supercharged Ecotec engine, cantilevered shocks, and 3″ SS exhaust system.  The engine makes 315 HP at the flywheel.
Grand daughter Sofia showing the firewall 18 inches forward of original to fit my 6’5″ frame. Ahead of the new firewall is the fuel tank, battery, and electric power steering pump.

Entering the race course at the Goodguy’s autocross. We won the truck class that day.