The Corveep started with this 1968 Jeepster that a friend gave me in May 2014.  After getting it running and driving it for a few days I decided it needed pepping up.
Here’s the stripped frame before removing the windshield and roll bar.
In the meantime I pulled the Jeep body off it’s frame and cut the bottom out.
The next job was to slip the body down over the chassis and eliminate interferences.  Those included a couple of inches off the sides of the A and B pillars and an inch or so off the sides of the dash.  I also sprung the lower body sides out about two inches to clear the frame.
With the core support, radiator, and front fenders located it became evident that a 7 1/2″ extension of the cowl was needed.
The cowl extension is welded in place.
By the first week in August, flares were installed, front bumper fabbed, the old gas cap cover plate was welded in place and the car is driveable.
Jerilyn and I took several long trips in our Corveep. Here we are on our way to Bay View Michigan for vacation. It was a great road car with all of the Corvette creature comforts like AC and cruise control.
Corveep won it’s share of autocross races. Being lighter than a stock Corvette it beat most of the late model ones.