1979 VW Bus with Tesla Model S motor and Tesla Model 3 battery pack. The project was inspired by my 13 year old granddaughter Sofia when she asked for a yellow VW bus for her 16th birthday. I found the bus in December of 2021, spent all of 2022 doing the conversion. Now I get to drive it for 2 1/2 years until she turns 16.

VW motor and transmission on right, Tesla motor and differential on left. The VW makes 50 HP, the Tesla makes 300 HP and weighs 300 pounds less.
Tesla drive unit includes the motor on the left, the Inverter on the right, and the differential toward the rear. Porsche axles bolt to adapters on the differential and go directly to the VW hubs.
The drive unit mounts where the VW transaxle would normally go.
The control board is mounted where the VW motor would normally be located.
The batteries are mounted on the floor under the middle seat. I used Tesla Model 3 standard range modules which provide 50 KWh of power at 4oo volts giving a range of up to 150 miles.
I added this Prius electric power steering unit to make it easier to steer with the added weight.