2010 – My dad bought this wagon new back in 1964.  It spent most of it’s life in Bay View Michigan taking he and his buddies to the golf course in the summer and in the winter, holed up in his garage which had a dirt floor.  Over the years the moisture from the dirt floor got to the frame and by 2006 it needed to be replaced.  I bought a frame in Arizona, hauled it to Michigan, and paid a body shop $1000 to swap it out during his slow in the winter.  In 2010 I decided a full restoration was in order so I had it transported to CA, swapped the tired 389 Pontiac motor for an LS1/4L60E package, installed AC and a set of 8 lug wheels, had the bumper and other bright work re-chromed, fixed the plentiful rust, had it re-carpeted, and painted it a Honda blue that was close to the original.  It turned out to be a gorgeous car.