Corveep – 1968 Jeepster Commando on 2004 Corvette Platform

IMG_1110The Corveep started with this 1968 Jeepster that a friend gave me in May 2014.  After getting it running and driving it for a few days I decided it needed pepping up.
IMG_1121In early June I went to an insurance auction and bought this wrecked 2004 Corvette for $4500.  I sold the body work from the doors back for $600.
IMG_1138Here’s the stripped frame before removing the windshield and roll bar.
IMG_1142With the windshield and roll bar removed it’s time to straighten the frame.  The front frame rails were bent in several places and the motor cradle was broken.  I  straightened the frame and found a good used cradle on eBay.
IMG_1139In the meantime I pulled the Jeep body off it’s frame and cut the bottom out.
IMG_1170The next job was to slip the body down over the chassis and eliminate interferences.  Those included a couple of inches off the sides of the A and B pillars and an inch or so off the sides of the dash.  I also sprung the lower body sides out about two inches to clear the frame.
IMG_1177By the end of June the frame was straight, the body was down on the frame, the rear wheel wells were cut for tire clearance, and cowl was cut off just in front of the windshield.
IMG_1210With the core support, radiator, and front fenders located it became evident that a 7 1/2″ extension of the cowl was needed.

IMG_1229I first put a 1/2″ wide, .060″ deep kink in both sides of the parent metal so that the patch could overlap and lay flush on top.  It’s July 9th.
IMG_1228Starting at the bottom, I bent up a section to match the shape of the Jeep.  The holes are for tack welding the panel in place prior to stitch welding the seams.
IMG_1226Here are the first couple of sections tack welded in place.
IMG_1231The driver side is ready for seam welding.  The cowl extension was complete by July 20th.
IMG_1218One of my favorite views is the rear showing the exhaust.  I welded one of the rear fender sections that was removed for tire clearance into the rear skirt to finish off the exhaust opening.
IMG_1536By the first week in August, flares were installed, front bumper fabbed, the old gas cap cover plate was welded in place and the car is driveable.
IMG_1374Here’s a shot taken Labor Day weekend with the roll bar installed and the bikini top in place – summer mode.
IMG_1436Later in September I took it to the Los Altos Corvette show.  They didn’t want to let me in until I produced a Corvette title.
IMG_1777It is now December and we’re now at the body shop getting ready for paint.
Corveep blueDecember 30th, fresh out of the paint booth with a shiny coat of Grabber Blue, a Ford Mustang color.

7 thoughts on “Corveep – 1968 Jeepster Commando on 2004 Corvette Platform”

  1. I saw your car rolling around Linda Mar today (I had a white Hyundai Genesis V8 Sedan) and realised it had C5 wheels and exhaust after reading the Corveep decal. The car looks great and I appreciate the unique build. I’m sure its a blast to drive!

  2. Nice ride Bob … where in the World do you come up with these idea’s …. ? Awesome Build ….

  3. I ran into you in South Dakota last week at a gas station as you were leaving. This Corveep was the coolest thing i saw all week. glad you have a page for the build. I was curious how you did it. Thanks for taking the time to let me know what it was .

  4. I love it! I’ve wanted to do a Vettekart for a while, now. But, you know, it has to look like something, right?
    What does it weigh?

  5. Nice job. I’m putting a ’49 Jeepster on a ’84. I have a question: Where did you locate the gas tank. Could you send me a few pictures how you did it?


  6. Hi Bob; My buddy Bill Benson sent me a link to your vehicles. All the way back to a BMW powered by the Rotary. I agree with someone: how do you dream up these cool rides? I am currently starting a Model A coupe project using an LS engine and 4L60E trans. Call sometime if like. 510-493-8535
    Pete Weber in Newark

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