05 Deuce – 1932 Ford Roadster

8-2-05 0062004 – This car was my first departure from motorcycles and back into hot rods.  It is a replica of a 1932 Ford made from all new parts.  For those interested, it has a TCI frame and front suspension, Ford 9″ rear, ZZ383 stroker motor with an Offenhouser side by side 4 barrel manifold with fuel injection hidden underneath, and a Dearborn Deuce all steel body with electric windows and retractable top.  It has air suspension, AC, PS, Cruise, remote door locks, stereo, all the modern creature comforts.
IMG_20150203_00021In June of 2006 I drove it on Andy’s trip to Indy and then up to our summer home in Bay View Michigan where it spent the summer.  Jerilyn joined me for the memorable ride home – back roads the whole way.  This shot was taken by the owner of the Old Sawmill Restaurant in Clayton Idaho, just up the road from my favorite place in the universe, Stanley Idaho.  It was a great car and I hated have to sell it but along came a 1931 Buick Victoria that needed some TLC and a new home.
painted frame 006The rolling chassis ready for the body.
4-29 157If you look closely you can see the injector plumbing between the valve cover and the manifold.  The Holley carburetors just acted like throttle bodies.
IMG_2685The top tucks in behind the seat.
Interior 1Sid Chavers did this beautiful interior.
Indy trip 012On Andy’s 06 trip to Indy.  Looks like Roy’s car on my left and Jack Connely’s Model A to the right of my car.

One thought on “05 Deuce – 1932 Ford Roadster”

  1. Bob,

    I had no idea that today I was tablemates at the Gilroy In N Out with such amazing guy! The projects on your website are fasciniating and inspiring.
    Thanks for sitting next to me and sharing your website.

    Rio Vista, CA

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