Gogohak – EML Sidecar on a BMW R1100G/S

DSCF10291998 – After I sold Rotohak V1 in 1998 I decided to build a GS based duel purpose rig.  This is an EML kit on a R1100 GS, a pretty straight forward build.  Jerry Sullivan did the beautiful paint work on this critter.

Prior to this project I scratch-built a duel purpose (highway and dirt) sidecar rig which I called Robohak.  It was built along the lines of Rotohak with the engine in the sidecar but with 8″ of suspension all around.  It originally had a 3 cylinder Polaris show mobile engine which proved to be way too impractical for street use.  I finally put a 600 cc Honda CBR motor in it but I sold it unfinished because I didn’t like the way it was turning out.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures.

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