Rotohak – V2. Twin Turbo Mazda RX-7 Powered

IMG_20150208_00072002 – I sold Rotohak V1 in 1998 to a chap in Chicago and immediately had sellers remorse.  I told him to let me know if he ever decided to sell it and 4 years later he called me to say he wasn’t using it much because it still scared him to death and was I interested in buying it back.  I did and decided to upgrade it.  I replaced the normally aspirated motor with a twin turbo Mazda RX7 unit putting out over 300 HP, replaced the dated K100 body work with 2002 R100RT plastic, and painted it yellow.  Mike Corbin was kind enough to upgrade the seat and sidecar interior to match the paint job.  He did the red one for free but this time I insisted on paying him.
Picture 008Here’s a shot with the body tilted up to show the motor.  Both versions of Rotohak got a lot of press both in the US and internationally which was very rewarding.

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