Home Built BMW G/S

IMG_20150208_0004_NEWThis off-road BMW G/S style BMW started out as a tired 1978 R100S to which I added White Power front forks and a KTM monoshock rear lengthened 4″ with 12 inches of travel.  The first time I took it around the block I realized why BMW went to paralever rear ends on their GS bikes.  Every time I gave it the gas the rear end shot up in the air and when I let off, it sank back down.  It was like riding a bucking bronco.  My friend Allan Varni was there watching and almost fell over laughing.  Back to the drawing board – I designed and built a paralever rear end which solved the problem of shaft effect.  This was in 1987, a year before BMW come out with their paralever.  Should have patented it.

IMG_20150202_0001Under construction.  


The BMW MOA magazine featured it on the cover in August 1988 and followed up with a feature article in the January of 89 issue. That’s me going through a mud puddle during a “trials” competition. Helmet’s optional back then.

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