1969 BMW R69S and Steib S500 Sidecar

IMG_20150203_00031985 – A business associate from the UK knew I liked BMWs so for my birthday he sent me this Steib sidecar that he’d found in a barn.  He boxed it up, still full of straw and cow manure, and sent it over.  Being from the UK where they drive on the wrong side of the road, it was made to mount on the left side of the bike, so my first order of business was to convert it to mount on the right side.  This image was taken when it was mostly done just before a guy named Sid Chaver did the interior.  Years later when I got into hot rods, Sid worked on them too.
IMG_20150203_0002Heading out with Jerilyn – yes Sofie we put on helmets.
IMG_20150203_00061986- Same Steib sidecar mounted to a specially modified BMW R90S with a leading link front end, monoshock rear suspension, 15″ wheels laced up my Kelly Moss, Chuck’s brother and an Avon faring.  This was taken on a camping trip with either Jerilyn or James, can’t tell from the photo.

1987- With 14 year old son James as my passenger I entered the La Carrera Classic Road Race, 120 miles across the Baja Peninsula on Mexico Hwy 3 from Ensenada to San Felipe, .  I built a roll cage for the sidecar to keep mama happy. We were leading the sidecar class about half way through the race when the transmission took a dump.  Our pit crew, the Varni’s, showed up after the rest of the race vehicles passed by and trailered us the rest of the way into San Felipe where it was party time.

I sold this rig to my brother John in the early 90s after I built Rotohak.

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