1931 Plymouth 2 Door Sedan with a Hemi

IMG_20150203_00161967, San Jose, CA – This was one of long line of Jerilyn’s grocery getters during our early married life.  It had some variety of Chrysler Hemi motor and an automatic.  I had a corporate job at the time and a company car so Jerilyn got to drive my toys as her daily drivers.  The list included the red Porsche we got married in, a racing Mini Cooper, a dune buggy, a 53 Plymouth, VW Westfalia, and several VW bugs with hopped up engines.  After 10 years of this she finally put her foot down and bought her own car.  She pretended to be asking my opinion about various cars until she found one that I hadn’t heard much about and bought it, a brand new Nissan Altima.

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