1951 MG TD with a V8-60 Sprint Car Motor

IMG_20150203_0015I bought this MG TD in a basket in 1958, the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in college. Some guy had taken it apart to restore it got married and the rest is history.  I painted it in my dad’s garage in Hinsdale Il, put it together and drove it to Bay View Michigan where this picture was taken.  That’s my little brother John riding shotgun.

Never smart enough to leave a good thing alone, I found a bored and stroked Ford V8-60 Flathead with Offenhauser heads, Edelbrock intake, running dual Stromberg 97 carbs that came out of a midget racer and stuck it in the MG – worst mistake I ever made.  I couldn’t keep axles in it.  Sure was quick though and sounded good.

One thought on “1951 MG TD with a V8-60 Sprint Car Motor”

  1. I own the identical car with the exception of rebuilt dual Stromberg 81’s. Used a stock ford Clutch mated to the stock mg trans and rear.

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